The Crooked Forest in West Pomerania, Poland

10 Beautiful Places In The World That Actually Exist

Polands Mysterious Crooked Forest - In a tiny corner of western Poland a forest of about 400 pine trees grow with a 90 degree bend at the base of their trunks - all bent northward. Surrounded by a larger forest of straight growing pine trees this col

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Make friend with your garden. Hand holding, be Environmentally Friendly. A simple idea inspired by the relationship between human beings and respecting their environment, mother earth & the eco-system.

Aggrandized Ego, Alienated Soul: Contesting the Atrophy of Instinct in an Age of Anxiety ~ RiseEarth

These Earth Day "Handprint Globes" glued on black construction paper, along with…

Earth Day 2013 is Mon., April These Earth Day "Handprint Globes" glued on black construction paper, along with students' creative writing assignments would make a visually stunning Earth Day bulletin board display.

Go Green

The use of green here is to portray nature and promote being echo friendly through bike riding. Again here we see green related to nature and promoting a eco-friendly message.


Carbon vs. Water – what is your greatest footprint? infographic

Wild life Management-The small part that you take to reduce, reuse and recycle can help save our Earth from further damage while conserving energy. Go green and do whatever you can to reduce wastage and garbage.

Save the trees ~ Save the earth

Wonderful artwork in the use of tree leaves to create the world map. Large Tree World Map Decal for Home, Dorm, Office, Living Room or Bedroom -- can add pins or stickers for places you've traveled.

Stanford Kay's excellent infographic of global carbon emissions.

Infographic visualizing the global carbon footprint. The size of the circles is adjusted to represent each countrys carbon foot print. The use of different colors over the black background creates …

Pozitivnap - A pozitív Hírek oldala -  Szabadon engedtek 14 farkast a Yellowstone-ban, a változás, amit ez okozott, elképesztő: Hihetetlen, ahogy a természet meggyógyítja önmagát!

If you could combine any two animals into one fantastical creature, what would you create? A Snowl Leopard? A Butterphant? Sure the laws of nature don’t really allow for such things (ligers and wholphins aside),

strange facts 35 Facts that you dont know, or probably shouldnt Photos)

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8 új fotó · album tulajdonosa: Ibolya Molnárné Tóth