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Petra Kollárcsik
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"100 Things To Do Before I Die ..." by one-ginger-geek ❤ liked on Polyvore

Things To Do Before I die except for the coloring book thing and giving people a reason to remember my name because like in the fault in our stars oblivion is inevitable

i think the reason i get bad grades on tests is beacause if i get a pattern going i just decide that must be all the answers

One time when I was taking an exam the teacher told us not to freak out if you see one answer choice 5 times in a row

For some reason when I do school I find SOOO many things that r usually boring but I find them interesting!!!

🎶What a beautiful ceiling🎶 as in; 🎶What a beautiful ceiling! What a beautiful ceiling says the bridesmaid to a waiter! Oh yes, but what a shame what a shame the poor ceiling is a WHORE!