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an image of different stages of the human neck and thorache, with labels on each side
Opera Singer Wendy White’s Fall: How Physical Injury Affects the Voice
Vibration: vocal cord vibration (primary structure is the vocal cords/vocal folds and the nerves that supply them, allowing them to move; other structures are arytenoid cartilages and vocal muscles)
the anatomy of the nose and throat with labels on each side, labeled in blue
Why Can't I Breathe? Vocal Cord Dysfunction In Swimmers
an image of the anatomy of mouth and tongue in different stages of oral examinations
Vocal chords – Tessitura
Chart to see types of vocal chord problems
an image of the anatomy of the human body with labels on each side and description of the major organs
a diagram that shows the levels of language
Studying the History of English, (c) Raymond Hickey
an image of the inside of a human head with words and pictures on it, including two
Welcome to Dover Publications
Welcome to Dover Publications
a coloring book page with the words brain and an image of a person's head
Welcome to Dover Publications
Brain : My First Book About the Brain @ Dover Publications