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Published writings - Book: All I Needed to Know About Projects I Learned as a Kid Shoveling Snow: Earning a Motorcycle

Race/Win on Sundays Sell on Mondays. Norton Logic

Very similar to the 1948 model my father inherited and sadly now has had to be passed on to me. 1950 Norton Dominator advert - My dad also had the SS custom with leather seat, siamese exhaust and fairings

Huy Motorcycle (1926)

It's amazing to see how good these poster designs are knowing that most of them are 100 years old.


Peugeot Valentigney Vintage Cycle Poster - Poster Print, Sticker or Canvas Print

CZ and Jawa - Czech engineering

I have a real soft spot for most Eastern European motorcycles, even if they do have a reputation for being a bit like grey porridge;