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a woman holding a cell phone in an office
Sandra Bullock's Always-Perfect Hair
three different pictures of women in dresses and one has a watch on her left wrist
a woman with long dark hair smiling at the camera and wearing large hoop earrings on her head
a woman with blonde hair and glasses standing in front of a netted fence, looking at the camera
Pop Culture
a woman with long blonde hair wearing sunglasses
a man and woman sitting at a table in an office talking to each other,
82nd Academy Awards – Actress Nominees
a woman standing in a kitchen with her hands on her hips
I Hereby Convene The Beach Witch Coven
a woman walking down the sidewalk while holding a drink in her hand and looking at her cell phone
'My friends don't sell me out': Sandra Bullock reveals how she kept adoption of baby Louis secret
a woman wearing a white hat sitting on the ground
New Hair, Bob, Short Bob Haircuts, Sandy, Celebrity Haircuts, Medium Length Hair Styles
The 31 Most Iconic Haircuts of All Time
a woman with long dark hair and brown shirt
Sandra Bullock @ 2014 AFI Awards Luncheon
a woman wearing sunglasses and a scarf
Fashion Eyewear | Prescription Glasses & Sunglasses | Price Match
a woman walking down the street carrying a purse and looking at her cell phone in her hand
a woman is smiling and wearing a sweater
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Denim, Shirts, Distressed Jeans, Loafers Outfit, T Shirt And Jeans
a woman in a black and white dress is walking towards a car with her hand on her hip
Casual Outfits, Casual Looks, Women's Summer Fashion
Photos from The Big Picture: Today's Hot Photos - E! Online
Winter Outfits, Ugg Boots, Jacket
Avec son néo poncho, Sandra Bullock donne une leçon de style casual. Bottes noires, slim noir, lunettes oversize, on adore ! - Photo
a beautiful young woman standing on top of a beach next to the ocean with her hair blowing in the wind
Sandra Bullock