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a red fox sleeping in the woods next to a tree
This is not the end of the world. It could be so much worse. People all over the world deal with serious life and death issues all the time, and this is not that. It's a cold. It'll get better. It might be a little harder on me, but that doesn't make me a less strong person...well maybe it does actually...BUT it's okay to be the turtle maybe I don't get through anything like the cheetah might, but I do get through and that's all that matters in the end. Who wouldn't want to be a turtle anyway?
two foxes drinking water from a pond in the grass and trees, with their reflection on the ground
Ошибка 429
two red foxes are standing in the snow
* * " Ray, quit day-dreamin' and listen to me. We gotta plan fur de attack tonight. Mahn, he be zoned out ! "
a small fox sitting on top of a log in the rain with it's eyes closed
eugenie (@plantpowerz) / Twitter
Happy New Year. A new year is born a new fox too, ban hunting :D
a red fox sitting on top of snow covered ground
pretty animals
cute #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals| baby-animals-957....
two foxes cuddle together in the snow
Fox Romance by Sebastian Nicolas / 500px
Fox Romance by Sebastian Nicolas on 500px
a close up of a fox's face in the snow
What did the Fox say?
a baby fox sitting on the ground with it's paws up to its face
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a red fox standing on its hind legs next to a rock
a small fox is laying in the grass
a red fox sitting on top of snow covered ground