Petői László

Petői László

Petői László
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Dramatic brown marble bath in a revived 1932 Miami villa belonging to contemporary furniture dealer Stephan Weishaupt of Avenue Road, Richard-Powers photo Remodelista

Apartment in Vladivostok by ONI Architects

Apartment with a feeling of freedom created by the free inter-room communication by ONI Architects - CAANdesign

A family apartment in Kiev

Our Hatria Happy Hour basin as well as the Kohler Reve counter top basins offer similar designs to re-create this inspired space

Am liking this infinity design - Le Cob bathtub from Omvivo

Australian design studio Omvivo has created Le Cob Bath, a high design bathtub inspired by the iconic chaise lounge created by famed architect and designer Le Corbusier. The tub features in.