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a drawing of a cartoon character sitting at a table with food
an animated bear is on a tree branch in front of a full moon and flying bird
O Pequeno Urso (nome original em inglês: Little Bear ou Little Bear's Adventures) é um desenho animado exibido pela TV Cultura e Nickelodeon. Em 2002 até 2004 Pela TV Cultura de 1999 até 2006 e posteriormente de volta a programação a partir de 5 de maio de 2008. Foi lançado um DVD com um filme do desenho.
there are many bears and chickens in the woods together, one is holding a bbq
little bear - Google 検索
a cartoon bear holding onto another bear in front of a fence
little bear - Google 検索
64 Zoo Lane - Google 検索 Art, Disney, Princess Peach, Mario Characters, Disney Princess
64 Zoo Lane - Google 検索
there are many different animals in the scene with one child looking at them and another person standing next to an elephant
64 Zoo Lane - Google 検索
a cartoon giraffe looking at a girl through a window
64 Zoo Lane : ABC iview さん
a drawing of a cartoon character with brown hair and white face, holding his hands up to his chest
Ohayo Spank anime cel
a large red building sitting on the side of a road
いちごの家 田園調布
いちごの家 田園調布
a yellow book with an image of a strawberry on the piano and people around it
「いちごの王様」の検索結果 - Yahoo!検索(画像)
the book is filled with small stuffed animals
「復刻新版 大高輝美のコロコロ人形」(本の紹介)