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the words two hearts and one home are written in black ink on a pink background
Buscando el Paraíso
iharrystylesmusic: ““Sweet creature” - Harry Styles ”
a train track with the words nobody can drag me down
Nobody, nobody!
two people holding hands with the words so take my hand and we'll be alright
Lockscreen/Wallpaper ¤ Just Hold On - Steve Aoki & Louis Tomlinson ¤
an old photo with the words history written in black on top of buildings and rooftops
"History" - One Direction. I love that they wrote this specifically for their fans, and they even included Directioners in it! <3 Best song on Made in the AM in my opinion. <3
a piece of paper with the words it will never change me and you
Night Changes- One Direction
a blurry photo with the words we never learn we been here before
Sign of the times // Harry Styles •❁ @Aksjuly8 ❁•
a pier with the words nothing can come between you and me
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one direction, you and i, and Lyrics image
a pink sky with the words welcome to the final show hope you're wearing your best clothes
☀︎m e t t e☀︎
an image with the words even when the night changes it will never change and you
Night changes- One Direction>>> My grandpa just said that he can't wait until One Direction doesn't exist anymore so that way I would stop obsessing over someone who will never know I exist. I literally started crying so hard. No one understands how much they mean to me.