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Tossa de Mar, Spain ✈✈✈ Don't miss your chance to win a Free Roundtrip Ticket to Barcelona, Spain from anywhere in the world [GIVEAWAY] ✈✈✈

A beautiful Spanish resort that's nothing like Benidorm.

The last of a kind - Tossa de Mar

Earliest history has it that , in a preaching Friar (Ramon de Penyafort) arrived at Tossa de Mar and legend says that the rocks opened so that he could land on the beach. Tossa de Mar has managed to escape the worst end of the tourist ma

Tossa de Mar, Catalonia, Spain.

Can pick up bus to there with just one stop from Barcelona Airport, but no one @ BCN seems to know where the bus stop is! It's across the street and down 1 block from Terminal and it helps to have the fare in euros on you.

Tossa de Mar, Cataluña, España.

Tossa de Mar, Catalonia, Spain I was there! It was beautyful. I like the castle quarter it was awesome! If you can travell, then go there. It isn't very far from Barcelona. Aproximmately an hour maximum.