Lace your shoes! - Fine Motor Activity for Kids

Lace your shoes! - Fine Motor Activity for Kids This activity is great for young children to learn how the shoe laces work. It is easy to make, fun for kids and low cost. You can use real shoe too, but this tissue box makes it easier for young.


Tell and write time. Students will make their own small paper plate clocks. This will reinforce the counting by 5 representing the clock numbers.

ASL LETTERS with unique twist

The A-Z Sign Language Doodles

The project consists of photographing the american sign language alphabet one letter at the time, and integrating a fun character that starts with the same letter // by Alex Solis

Zones of Regulation visual -- use in office as another way for students to see the connection between the zones and using a tool to calm down

Accepting the Label

Zones of Regulation idea. I'd make some changes for a mainstream classroom, but I like this idea of a visual aid

So kann ein angefangener Lolli mit Hilfe eines Ü-Eis immer wieder in der Handtasche verschwinden ohne alles zu verkleben. #recycleÜ-Ei #Überraschungsei

Wow good way of keeping kids from making a mess if they don't finish their lollipops

Free printable summer themed I Spy game for kids from And Next Comes L

Popsicles I Spy Game {Free Printable for Kids}

Baby Steps

Baby Steps

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