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My mom wouldn't even care she'd be like " U FINALLY LOST THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yesssss!"

Mom I lost Fall Out Boy, Paramore, Pierce The Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, All…

Only Ashley Purdy can pull these off

So me and UB were hungry the other day so it was about midnight and we decided to walk up to the gas station up the street. She had on some hello kitty slippers but everything else was black leather. Oh how I love her -- Alice<<XD

Black veil brides

(sry for late response, I fell asleep) She sounds like a bitch. It is horrible what she did to you, no one deserves that, especially not someone as nice as you. I cannot father why would they do such a despicable thing to you.

LOVE bvb so much and I'm not complaining but in the top pic they all look like girls haha

I hate people who say that they're no longer the same bvb. They'll always be our lovely bvb, and that will never change.