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Elegance Elegance.

Models Simone D’Aillencourt and Ward Purdy posiing with a whippet at Penn Station, New York, Photo by William Helburn. :) Whippets always look as if they're in need of both a hug and a doggie sweater.

Class in the past...

it's them badass kids in chicago, frank sinatra, and rad kids on the streets of jamaica that hits the spot for me :D Classy People From The Past Remind Us What "Cool" Really Means

tying up loose ends

Previous parts: Rare Photos of Famous People pics) Rare Photos of Famous People. Part 2 pics) Elvis Presley in Paris Cher Previous parts: Rare Photos of Famous People pic

October Vogue 1962

//October Vogue 1962 Suede, with a gem-green brilliance; blazer jacket, wedge skirt by John Weitz for Leathermode. Photographed by Bruce Davidson/