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The Sisters | RWBY | Know Your Meme

RWBY: Winter and Weiss Schnee>>I thought this was a Latios and Latias human form thing and I realize it isn't but it would be cool if it is so I'm pinning it to that board

Weiss and Winter Schnee

I literally feel like I am part of the Fairytail family. Couldn't say it any better myself.

My first long anime I have ever watched --------------------------------------- I do not own this photo all credit goes to the owner/editor/artist/cosplayer ---

I'm Sheik, 17, and awesomely fun. I have wings that are hidden and rapid healing. I was trained in martial arts from a young age, so don't let my curves throw you off. I can take you down now. I'm really nice and energetic.

alternate costume aran sweater black legwear blonde hair bow collarbone contemporary dress fashion fingernails gradient hair hair bow hijiri byakuren long hair looking at viewer mayoln multicolored hair nail polish one eye closed pantyhose purple hai

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Imagen anime con bishoujo senshi sailor moon toei animation tomoe hotaru sailor saturn nardack single tall image short hair looking at viewer black hair fringe purple eyes signed character names 2014 adapted costume girl dress weapon detached sleeves