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a woman sitting on the ground next to a dog and holding a cell phone in her hand
a painting of a woman walking in the rain with an umbrella over her head and handbag
Paintings by Emerico Imre Toth | Art and Design
This really good art work love the texture In it and the pastel chalk to it to really looks good
three women walking with umbrellas on their heads
Discover the captivating world of African art through my stunning creations. Celebrating the strength and beauty of African women, my artworks depict the richness of their culture and the depth of their stories. Each piece is a vibrant tribute, capturing the grace, resilience, and unique spirit of African women. Immerse yourself in the colors, patterns, and heritage as I invite you to experience the power of African artistry.
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Quiet night
a fairy standing on top of a rock next to a river in the forest with wings outstretched