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6 months to sexy legs. More realistic than the 2 weeks to sexy legs workouts. I will never get the pistol squat.

9 BEST THIGH EXERCISES: Our favorite fitness trainer Kelsey Lee

9 Best Thigh Exercises: Our favorite fitness trainer Kelsey Lee shows you how to Get Thinner Thighs in Just Over Ten Minutes. Tone your quads and hamstrings and get rid of some pesky fat on your thighs

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Planks! They are great for working your arms, abs, and back. We've added variations that get the glutes too in this 20-minute plank challenge.

Take the Plank Challenge to Carve Your Core

This plank challenge workout could be the key to toned arms and flat abs. It takes about 20 minutes (there are modifications for beginners) and will leave your arms feeling like jelly — in the best way possible.


9 Amazing Flat Belly Workouts To Help Sculpt Your Abs! Here are 9 amazing and different ab workouts that you can use to target different areas of your core.

Did you know the armpit is one of the most photoshopped area of the female body? Magazines do it all the time when shooting big celebrities and models. A lot of times you see those magazines with celebrities depicting the “perfect body”, in reality it’s not the same way they look as their pictures are usually digitally … Read More →

How To Get Rid Of Armpit Fat (5 Actionable Steps

For some sneaky reason, fats love to rest in the hips and thighs, especially for woman. This makes it a bit hard for us women to get rid of hip fat. Genetics, hormones and unhealthy lifestyles are some of the biggest culprits of fat storage in these areas

To help in the decision of which videos to watch, below is a list of the top 10 yoga videos for beginners.

Top 10 YouTube Yoga Videos for Beginners

Sculpt and Strengthen Your Arms With This 3-Week Challenge

Sculpt and Strengthen Your Arms With This 3-Week Challenge

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