Black paper cut on angle, oval for fingers and googly eyes. Funny, simple.

Halloween Decor- Pennies a project

Halloween Toilet Monster-Cut scrap piece of black paper (or vinyl if you have it) on an angle, cut out some fingers, and punch out the eyes. Tape it onto the toilet.

Balloon spider

Halloween spider decoration super easy and inexpensive= crepe paper and balloon. I added a smaller balloon (same type- just less air in it) for a head. next year I'm gonna add a red X made from crepe paper on it's butt.

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Food Ideas-- did this at a Halloween party when the kids were little. So cute and easy. Kids who like hot dogs will love them!

Spooky black caramel apples recipe from @bakedbyrachel Perfect for Halloween!

Spooky Black Caramel Apples

Butternut squash instead of pumpkin.

Cool Butternut Squash Skull - totally amazing decorator item for Halloween - beats the average pumpkin or jack-o-lantern

"Slithering Snakewich"

So-Good-They're-Scary Halloween Party Apps

Thanks for sharing this would be a great Halloween Party Idea. Slithering Snakewich Oozing with yummy pizza ingredients, this overstuffed snake sports a sinister smile and a long, forked tongue.

Ritzy halloween spiders

Halloween Spiders - spread peanut butter on a Ritz cracker; insert pretzel sticks with tips dipped into chocolate coating into peanut butter to form legs; cover with another Ritz; frost top with chocolate coating; add M eyes with dot of chocolate

Shrimp Brain Cocktail for Halloween

So-Good-They're-Scary Halloween Party Apps

Halloween food: Scary Cerebrum (Shrimp Brain Cocktail) from Better Homes & Gardens (will call this Cerebral Goretex)

Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween Decorating Ideas : Clever Ways To Decorate Every Single . scary - halloween - decor -inside- Halloween Decorating Ideas Scary H.