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- One full-color, two sided laminated card illustrates anatomy of the larynx and head - Step-by-step, vocal-fold-vibration illustrations - Plus endoscopic screen shots of eight vocal pathologies are included - Call-out illustrations and terms provide greater detail of specific parts - Can use Dry Erase - Use for class or clinic - Bright easy to read two sided views

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study process
study process
the structure of an animal's skin
Chapter 6: Osseous Tissue and Bone Structure Flashcards
an image of different types of skin
Figures - Merck Manual Consumer Version
an image of different types of cellulites and their functions in the body, including
the diagram shows different types of muscles
an image of the structure of protons and their atomic numbers, labeled in pink
Pin by Meaghan Elder on dream job | Gcse science, Chemistry notes, Teaching chemistry in 2022 | Teaching chemistry, Chemistry notes, Gcse science
School, Nurse, Away, Salute, Medical, Surgical Nursing
Surgery - Special Subjects - Merck Manual Consumer Version
the structure of an animal's skin
a diagram of the tongue and its parts
Special Senses Anatomy and Physiology
the structure of an organ and its corresponding structures, labeled in purple text on a white background
a diagram showing the structure and functions of an animal cell
Contraction and relaxation in a skeletal muscle fiber. #neuromuscularjunction