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a television with an elf on it and the caption how do i get out of here?
elf on the shelf stuck in the TV go to youtube and search elf stuck in tv cast it to your tv using your chromecast/firestick
christmas lights with balloons hanging from them
How to make Giant Balloon Christmas Lights
Whether hosting a holiday party, Tacky Christmas party or just want to go BIG… these Giant Balloon Christmas Lights are perfect decorations! I was inspired by the funny Christmas movie Deck the Halls to go BIG. Download your favorite movie on iTunes and watch now.
some paper plates with red and green flowers on them are sitting in front of bushes
Paper Plate Lollipops
Giant paper plate lollipops for Christmas - ADORABLE! Super cute as a garden Christmas decoration or line your driveway with them! They cost less than a dollar each to make!
two black water bottles with goggles on them next to a pair of eyeglasses
62 Super-Creative DIY Halloween Costumes Anyone Can Wear
Homemade oxygen tank, goggles and airtube for Scuba Diver costume Oxygen Tank- is 2 -One liter bottles, Black spray paint,Yellow utility tape, Black shoe laces, gun Make Mouth Device What You Need Black cord covers Pacifier Hot glue gun 1. Cover one end of the cord with yellow tape. 2. Glue pacifier to the other end of the cord cover. Let dry overnight.
a bunch of fruit skewers with santa hats on them
Grinch Kabobs Recipe
Grinch Kabobs Recipe. // Maybe a Grinch Christmas party at school this year?
three jars filled with red, white and blue rice sitting next to an american flag
MLB Playoffs - A's vs Royals in one game Wild Card Showdown
4th of July Mason Jar Candles. Add red and blue food coloring to separate ziplock bags of rice & shake gently till colored. Use 1/2 to 2/3 c. rice for each layer in pint jar.
a sign that says, witch and her little monsters live here with one handsome devil
The leaves change their color and fall to the ground and act as a reminder of quickly approaching Halloween! Outfit the home with this spooky decoration to get little ones ready for the scariest night of the year.
the cover of 50 diy fall projects you will love
50 Fall Projects You Will Love!
50 Fall Projects for your enjoyment! Includes crafts, food, and home decor ideas!
an advertisement with the letter b on it's front and back sides, in multiple pictures
Front Door Decorations for Halloween // BOO Sign
We know it's a bit early, but we're REALLY excited for Halloween! Check out how we plan on celebrating with a special costume contest and more at
two pictures with fall wreaths and scissors on them
15+ DIY Thanksgiving Decorations - Brittany Estes
15+ DIY Thanksgiving Decorations
a roll of toilet paper with a turkey on it's side and the words 4 fun fall crafts for delen
7 fun fall crafts for kids - Today's Parent
Crafts for kids: 7 ideas for fall | Today's Parent
two orange and white plastic cups with faces painted on them hanging from strings in the air
Candy Corn Ornaments
clay pot fall crafts | Decorate your Halloween trees or any little shelf with these charming ...