PhotoDonut layer mask

How to add layer mask - PhotoDonut tutorial

Using multiple layers and masks to create more dynamic images... Check the full tutorial on PhotoDonut blog!

The Sprinkles for Real Art

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The Sprinkles for Real Art

PhotoDonut speed paint #painting #photoedit

Speedpaint with the Freehand Painting Module in PhotoDonut

Where are my brushes? - mini tutorial on the PhotoDonut blog

In today’s tutorial, we’ll give you an overview of how to manage and find your PhotoDonut brushes. Although PhotoDonut already comes pre-installed with many brushes to choose from, you can always browse and install additional…

Did you know? - The location of textures in PhotoDonut

Where are my Textures? The image files of the Texture Packs are installed in the Textures folder of the main PhotoDonut data folder.

Did you know? - Mini-tutorial about the PhotoDonut Search Bar

In this mini-tutorial, we will show you how the Search Bar works in the Style Shop First, head to the PhotoDonut Style Shop: Now let's take a quick look under the Categories column.

Add New Layer options in PhotoDonut

Did you know there were additional options when you add a new layer to your composition? By default the Add New Layer button just adds a new layer above the current layer.

How to "donut" your image into an ink painting

In this tutorial we will show you what you can do if you use the outlines with scanned Brush, the texturizer and the color generator styles together. Amongst the brush packs you can find…