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Obsidian Kerttu

Model: Obsidian Kerttu Outfit: Villena Viscaria Clothing Jewelry and hairband: Gothic Elegance Photo: John Wolfrik

Goth// Pastel Goth// Pentagram Spiked bra top// bustier

Pentacle bra top dripping in black. Black Lace bra top spiked out , topped off with a pentagram. Cheers to a sinister summer! Made to order: I have 1 on each size in stock

sleeping cat tattoo | You are here: Home › Tattoo Designs › Sleeping Cat Print by Kellas ...

ARTFINDER: Sleeping Cat Print by Kellas Campbell - My cat was fast asleep, curled up like a round, furry pillow. I used graphite and pastel pencils and tried to capture her sleepy cuteness. - Tap the link now to see all of our cool cat collections!

Woman with Behind-the-ear Cat Tattoo

A trend set into motion by many Hollywood celebrities, behind-the-ear tattoos are becoming extremely popular among girls. In this Buzzle article, we have provided 21 behind-the-ear tattoo ideas that are fashionable, yet classy.