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the night sky is full of stars and a crescent in the foreground with clouds
an empty road with the milky in the background
a person standing on the edge of a cliff with a huge moon in the background
a person standing on top of a building with their hands in the air
Wall Paper
a glass ball sitting on top of some rocks near the ocean with a person in the background
This is so cute
And I shall call you "Big Blue"... :) #bigblue #beachglass #seaglass #lakesuperiorbeachglass #canalpark #duluth #lakesuperior #driftwood #cairn #cairns #stack #zen #beachcombing #stacks #seaglassart #beachglassart Summer, Land Art, Sea Glass, Seashells, Batu, Sea Glass Beach, Sea Glass Colors, Sea Glass Art, Sea Pottery
And I shall call you "Big Blue"... :) #bigblue #beachglass #seaglass #lakesuperiorbeachglass #canalpark #duluth #lakesuperior #driftwood #cairn #cairns #stack #zen #beachcombing #stacks #seaglassart #beachglassart
two people are standing on the edge of a cliff looking at the sky and stars
Une question de timing ? Une question de faisabilité ? Une question me trotte dans la tête jour et nuit .....
the night sky is filled with stars and trees
the night sky is filled with stars, and there is a lone tree in the foreground
Dove vanno a finire tutte le parole d'amore non dette, i sospiri trattenuti, i desideri inespressi. In quale mondo troveranno rifugio. Quale stella li illuminerà senza che abbiano più timore di venire alla luce. Ci sarà pure un posto nell'universo, perché è lì che voglio andare.
there is a fire burning on the beach
pin // anna marie ••
a fire is burning on the beach at sunset
Baixarcd - Examples of certificates, invoices, resumes and various types of templates.
Ich liebe dich :*
a street light sitting on the side of a bridge
the mountains are covered in snow and mist as they reflect in the still lake water
a scenic view of the mountains and valleys
(via Great Wall of China)
the sky is filled with purple and pink clouds
Surpreendentes fotografias com reflexos (58 fotos) - MDig
I am in love with this picture!
an empty road with trees and mountains in the background that has a smiley face drawn on it
Journey’s end..Home
the trees are red and green in color
No way out
Burgundy Street, Madrid, Spain photo by rachbourne ... look at that rich color of pink on those trees! so pretty!