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Daniel is a house designed for a family who appreciates the noble elegance, modern comfort and convenient connections and.

Stringent building regulations didn’t cramp the designers’ style. Sharp angles, tall windows, and varied material textures left room to make a striking architectural statement.  Photo by: Andrea Lhotakova

Taking a calculated turn from tradition, two Czech architects designed a modern rendition of a classic Bohemian home, powered by solar panels and a geothermal heat pump that draws energy from the ground itself, 300 feet underground.

Kállói parasztház, faragással díszítve (Fotó: kallojazmin)

Kállói parasztház, faragással díszítve (Fotó: kallojazmin)

casas de fazenda em madeira e vidro modernas - Pesquisa Google

Arquitetura Rústica "House mix of straight lines and rustic wood finish. Project from Seferin Arquitetura no Brasil Photo: Edu Castello"