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inside cob house | At one point, a formal, English style garden appears, surprisingly ...

inside cob house | At one point, a formal, English style garden appears, surprisingly ...

Esta sala de estar es parte de una colección de seis bellos salones de todo el mundo en casas construidas a partir de materiales naturales como la piedra, balas de paja, troncos y cob (arcilla,arena y paja). Ésta está en Dinamarca. Podéis ver las demás en www.naturalhomes.org/es/homes/natural-livingrooms.htm

built entirely from natural materials like stone, straw bales, roundwood and cob.

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The doorways are tastefully closed off from the main areas in this beautiful house in Scottsdale.

Pueblo-style staircase in Scottsdale, AZ. BBC Boracay says: " Pueblo-style staircase, terracotta floor tiles and white washed walls give this vacation villa a strong character with Spanish influence.

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location of tree branch for extra storage Inspiration for U-Shape Kitchen in a Tiny House - check out the cup holder too!

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People's Co-op of Portland, Oregon - Cob was used as infill for two walls of the building as well as for the benches inside and outside the store.

New Owner Needed for Gobcobatron Cob Home at Dancing Rabbit

The current Gobcobatron interior I promised some big news earlier, and here it is! Gobcobatron, one of the most recognized homes at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage in Missouri, is for sale. It is a cob

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Cob Homes An Ancient Building Technique That is Very Green - summary of building with cob