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You deserve a relationship with someone

When we get into a relationship, we tend to think that we know everything, and we don't need any help, just to suddenly realize that things are falling apart and the passion has started to cool down. Relationship is just like a plant, it needs a healthy environment to grow and last. We brought you some simple tips that could help you have a healthy relationship and be happy with your spouse.

15 Useful Tips For a Healthy Long-Lasting Relationship

.I need you as much as the air I breathe ... My whole being hurts when I think of you far from me. My soul feels suffocated... Te amo SV.

"I will whisper the dirtiest, naughtiest things in your ear and you will crave to hear more and more.

Love quote

Valentine’s Day usually finds us awash in mushy gifts, cheesy greeting cards, and romantic movies that kind of make us. But romance doesn’t have to be nausea-inducing! We scoured the Internet for the best quotes about love and relationshi…

Yes so true I think about you all the time my true love

You are my soul mate & I love & care for you like crazy. I made a effert. I deserve friendship & love. I don't know why I keep trying & all get is rejection from the one I adore.

Anything less is unacceptable.

The best feeling in the world is being with someone who wants you as much as you want them. I hope to feel it. Thought I was feeling it this weekend but now I'm not sure.