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Okay.... You know you are a nerd when this cartoon actually makes you sad!!!

Welcome Home

Funny pictures about Poor Darth Vader. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Darth Vader. Also, Poor Darth Vader.

Also applies to the 4 semesters of nursing school #fitness_memes_schools

Thanks Luke for that future pep talk for me. I'm going to be a freshman in high school in August 😱

Don't Worry Fellow Star Wars fans, I know Han Solo will return as #Han Solo the White. HANDALF.

My mom is constantly trying to calm herself about the whole thing by saying exactly this! (We're big Star Wars fans and she loves Lord of the Rings)

Luke, I am your father. - Imgur

Luke, I am your father.

I seriously can't stop laughing right now.

Funny pictures about Millennium Falcon bass. Oh, and cool pics about Millennium Falcon bass. Also, Millennium Falcon bass photos.

404 error.

Saw this on Mashable for unique 404 pages and it made the geek in me laugh. I think it is time for me to add a custom 404 page to the website with this image!