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“The one thing everyone hated was commercial art; apparently they didn’t hate that enough, either.” -Roy Lichtenstein

one of my favorite artists, roy lichtenstein, with one of my favorite paintings which i just saw in chicago

Roy Lichtenstein  October 27, 1923 – September 29, 1997)

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Roy Lichtenstein, Oh, Jeff.I love you, Too. Compresses an entire generic romance story into a single frame. In so doing, artist suggests something of the superficiality of the media-saturated culture of the early Pop art.

the Roy Lichtenstein's 'Whaam!', 1963. Pic taken at Tate Modern in London

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LICHTENSTEIN Roy - VS (NY - POP-ART fools around with sub-culture, such as cartoons, commercial trendy stuff, and celebrities of the day (or the past)

Still Life with Table Lamp, Offset Lithograph, Roy Lichtenstein – Art Commerce

Still Life with Table Lamp, Offset Lithograph, Roy Lichtenstein

ROY LICHTENSTEIN An American painter, print-maker and decorative artist who achieved fame in the His paintings, based on motifs and procedures of comic strips and advertisements estab


Roy Lichtenstein, Witz et Whaam

, 1963 - oil and acrylic on canvas (Tate) The venerable gallery’s online label text: ‘Whaam!’ is based on an image from 'All American Men of War’.

Credit: Christie's Roy Lichtenstein, Woman with Flowered Hat, magna on canvas, painted in 1963. Sold at $56.1m (£37m) Christie's top 10 lots – in pictures

Christie's top 10 lots – in pictures

Mantis -

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