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yachtgasm: “hms-surprise: “ On the bowsprit ” can’t turn down a good old pirate ship ;

“I simply want to live; to cause no evil to anyone but myself.”  ― Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace

This is where my new life started. Where I became Jay Gatsby. Dan Cody saved me from my life as poor boy.


This the picture I think of whenever someone says, let's go sailing. I must have gotten that from Papa.

Old Sailing Ships

Old yachts and ships . Old yachts and ships that still make us happy .

Points of sail. Haven't seen this diagram since my basic keelboat class at Offshore Sailing School.

points of sail -- no sail zone should be called the anchor zone. it's taking some time for me to get my sailing school kiddos to realize how wide the no sail zone really is.