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Easy Fair Isle charts - could adapt easily

Mustrilaegas: AA Kirjatud kudumid / Desenli örgüler

Mustrilaegas: A Kudumine / Knitting knit free fair isle chart

knitting chart

Knitting charts and things

knitting chart

Tricksy Knitter Charts: Criss Cross (70508) (70904) http://www.pinterest.com/source/tricksyknitter.com/

I'm gonna do this with red and green with a white background and connect three or four plastic canvas sheets together and make a table runner

Large collection of stranded graphs for mittens!  (It's on Wayback machine)

great link for Latvian style colorwork charts for mittens and gloves.

Charts for Traditional Sanquhar Knitting ****** c o o l b o o k m a r k ******

A collection of charts documenting patterns used in traditional designs for Sanquhar knitting Mehr

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Knit fair isle lovely pattern More More

Mustrilaegas: A Kudumine / Knitting

Mustrilaegas: A Kudumine / Knitting fair isle knit chart

Картинки по запросу fair isle knitting free charts

Tricksy Knitter Charts: Fair Isle big owl hearts pattern with snowflakes and trees copy copy copy copy by Erin

Tricksy Knitter Charts: Purple Graphic

Tricks y Knitter Charts: Purple Graphic, or can be my next bead project.