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Fortune tellers!

cootie catcher - A piece of folded paper and two hands could tell your fortune-used to play this

Sun In for hair highlights just from sitting in the sun - 1970s multi-tasking.

My hair turned orange just in time for senior pics using Sun In.

I so remember these!!!

Charm bracelets necklaces from the Would trade the charms at school or at hockey!

Krazy Straw

Crazy Straw - the only way i would drink my milk. Still hate milk to this day, but miss my crazy straw!

Banana clips from the 80s - aka Jordie's eye visor from Star Trek.

I always had too much hair and they would never clip. I was so jealous of girls with thin hair who could rock the banana clip.

Clackers nostalgia

Clackers I use to get some good bruises on my arms from these. Im pretty sure I still have a purple set around here somewhere.

the overhead projector, usually the time when many students would take naps...

7 Pieces of Office Equipment That Every Office Needs

The classroom overhead projector. Some of these were still in use last school year when I retired from the teaching profession. I had only had mine out of the classroom for a year, when I went exclusively with the smartboard and the E.