.Blue waves by Laura Bellamy (Oahu, Hawaii)

Blue Waves by Laura Bellamy . I'm always astonished at how very BLUE tropical waters can get. These particular waves were captured in Oahu, and they're much higher than they may appear.

color scheme I rather like...

Beautiful beach house Kitchen Somewhere beyond the sea. glass jars with scoops. Beach Decor Seashell Frame Shell Frame w Sea by beachgras.

Power of the ocean   Feeling low, watch the wild waves of the ocean  they will uplift and soothe you and give you courage to carry on,......

love the ocean.one thing I miss about home.love listening to the waves crash on the beach.the smell of the salt in the air & on your skin.I can lose myself & find myself all at the same time.the memories come flooding back.

Beach Sunset

~~Splash Sunrise ~ sunrays and crashing waves, Delray Beach, Florida by Debra And Dave Vanderlaan~~ More Beach Fashion, Cute Bikini, Sexy Bikini

Night walks along the beach .. salty kisses

The sea is a big part of the book. The sea is where mostly everything takes place and the old man spends most of his time. Fishing is the old mans passion and being on the sea is something that he is used to and enjoys.

The upper level clouds are still catching the last rays of the sunset. The wave itself is lit up by a strobe flash attached to the camera housing.