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Color 💙 Looking straight down as the wave crashes into the sand, the sand swirling underneath making it's own pattern of shades of the ocean.

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The most perfect example of the origin of the colour ‘seafoam green’ that I’ve ever seen. The most perfect example of the origin of the colour ‘seafoam green’ that I’ve…

Barreling waves and a tornado at sea | Murray Mitchell

If you believe that waves, waterscapes, and waterfalls pretty well use up all the opportunities that water provides for picture-taking, think again. Here are seven more photography tips with water—remedies for the photo doldrums!

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stormy ocean

love the color combo - tropical, green sea and an angry grey sky.

Blue Sparkling Water Photo by: Marinel Galicia

Beautiful sun glistening across the ripples of the clear blue water!

Ocean waves, by Milou Vision

Bellasecretgarden — beauty-rendezvous: Rough Waves by David Baker

wave. Honestly I looks cool but I get a little panicky feeling when I look at it. I think I   have huge fear of drowning.


This is why I love the ocean.beautiful colors and awesome power!

That is the biggest ocean wave i think I've ever seen. Holy crap.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I went down to the ocean with the intent of calming myself. I began running back and forth in the water maniacally screaming to the sea and the sea answered in the form of formidable waves I have no desire to stop.