"O universo é construído sobre um plano cuja simetria profunda está, de algum modo, presente na estrutura íntima de nosso espírito." Pau...

Hoki-fuji from Shoji Ueda Museum of Photography in Houki (near Yonago), Tottori, Japan. Built by the famous Japanese architect, Shin Takamatsu

Chichu Art (or Benesse House) Museum, Naoshima Island Japan (2004) | Tadao Ando | Artwork : Kan Yasuda’s “The Secret of the Sky” (1996)

Space architecture: Tadao Ando - Chichu Art (or Benesse House) Museum, Naoshima Island Japan Artwork: Kan Yasuda - The Secret of the Sky


[Image: Photo by Filip Dujardin, courtesy of the artist].Belgian photographer Filip Dujardin makes images of unexpected buildings – that is, he “combines photographs of parts of buildings int…

Levitated Mass by Michael Heizer, LACMA.

340 ton boulder - public space - not afraid of new things Levitated Mass, a sculpture by Michael Heizer, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Japanese Tatami living corner with storage under the Tatami (Sunken storage)

The grass tatami mats help to control moisture levels in the dining area and hide inbuilt sunken storage boxes beneath. Image by Angela Keoghan