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How do you imagine spring fairies? Each culture has own vision of those mythical creature, and, of course, each makeup artist imagines them differently. Someone sees them as tin.


Check Out 20 Witch Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try This Year. Like every year, when Halloween approaches we start wondering what will be the theme for our transformation.

using fishnets to make mermaid scales shown by multiple MUAs | INSIDER BEAUTY https://www.facebook.com/Insiderbeauty/?fref=ts

halloween makeup halloween costume diy ideas, My mom did this a few years ago on Halloween for my costume I was medusa and it was very realistic but then again you should use more Massey colors

Brittany: My boyfriend and I as evil clowns. Outfits were both homemade. I made my hat out of card stock, tulle, and Pom poms. Bow tie is made of felt and...

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