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smart idea

An auto inspired desk. Yes a desk in the form of a car’s front. Being precise we are talking about a Land Rover inspired Auto desk.

<3 Anything vintage VW <3

We're all about Flower Power in the work place! This is one of the coolest desks! Maybe if we get enough likes, shares and comments, we'll get a desk like this in our office!

10 Ways to Repurpose Tires

Man Cave Ideas 21 DIY Decor and Furniture Projects 34 A sink that is also a tire ! perfect idea for a man cave ! in tyre inner tube architecture with tire sink Repurposed man cave

Ok some more cool manly furnishings! I like that Mercury Bed!

42 Simply Brilliants Ideas of How to Recycle Old Car Parts Into Furnishing homesthetics

Seriously?!?!?  A '65 Mustang pool table?!?!?!  I will save every last penny to get me one of these for my man cave!!

A Mustang pool table? I will save every last penny to get one of these for my man cave someday.

A Hungarian man is response for this marvelous invention. Taking an old Ikarus bus, he cut it up and repurposed it into a corner office of sorts. You can bet that his TPS reports will always be turned in on time!    This is so brilliant!!

Johnson, I Need to See You for a Moment. All Aboard My Office.

Now this is a unique office design! A section of an old Hungarian bus converted in to a tiny office! Old Hungarian Ikarus Bus Turned into a Creative Office : Old Hungarian Bus Turn An Office 001

A chair is not the most eye-catching thing you'll see in a household. Most of the time, it's just...you know..."there" to sit on. But of course, we're not going to talk about a regular home with regular chairs here. We're going to talk about car-inspired chairs that were made by car enthusiasts who probably didn't want to part ways with their rides just yet. Scroll down and check out how awesome they are:

Mini Cooper chair takes it to the next level. Created from the front end of a classic black Mini Cooper, this chair is the ultimate pieces of gaming gear. It’s no ordinary gaming chair though, this is a Mini Cooper multimedia station.

15+ Fascinating Recycled Car Parts Ideas

15+ Fascinating Recycled Car Parts Ideas

Motorcycle Table

Repurposed old motorcycles into a creative table . in Saas Fee in Switzerland

recycling-old-cars-6.jpg 600×548 pixels

A Porsche TV and Cadillac Sofa... Meet the petrolhead who decked out his living room with crashed cars

One heck of a grill

Video Footage from Central News of my austin mini BBQ i made, wait till the end for the perfect timing

The craziest garage door I've ever seen.

Crazy Garage

Porch facade garage door - so crazy it works! Looks much nicer than a garage door!

1967 F100 Ford Truck Bed                                                                                                                                                                                 Más

1967 Ford Truck Bed Call today or stop by for a tour of our facility! Indoor Units Available! Ideal for Outdoor gear, Furniture, Antiques, Collectibles, etc.