Rollerbones Shorts For Roller Derby

Get the best value inline and quad/roller derby skates in the UK with starter packs, pads, protection, helmets at the best prices.

Burlington seniors still passionate about roller skating. When we get this old, we will be bionic so we will still be skating too.

Burlington seniors still passionate about roller skating

Elderly couple, aged 89 and still wheeling around and teaching amateur roller skaters at Scooter's Roller Palace in Mississauga.

K2 VO2 Max 90 Mujeres patines de linea

K2 VO2 Max 90 Mujeres

Lock lacing keeps lacing at ankles tight. My runner husband taught me this trick & it works SO well.

Lock Lacing Lock Lacing Often referred to as "Lace Locks", "Heel Locks" or "Runner's Tie"

i want to learn how to do at least some of this. some jam skaters need to move to my town.

SKATING FOR LIFE; I love any kind of skating: skateboards, ice skating, roller skating, or anything that lets you slide through the floor

Roller dance gathering in Amsterdam

Roller dance gathering in Amsterdam. Reminds me of zumba on saktes but more mellow.