1940s fashion photos

fashion photography is my favourite. The immaculate hair, the fullness of the skirt, the cute bows on the heels - you don't see style like that too often!

Ladies in 1940s dresses

New Year, New You: Four Style Ideas to Add Vintage Glam to Your Look

Classy Ladies in dresses fashion war era WWII rayon print dress found photo models magazine ad shoes hat purse gloves ~

Going to the movies...

The Way We Were: Life Magazine Photos Of Women In The 1950s

cute Black and White vintage date lovely retro rockabilly milkshake diner first date fashion cuple circle dress style old diner

Marilyn and Jane

Fashion: Eleven Vintage Style Icons Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell. A-line dresses were popular in the as well as halter tops. You can also see the hourglass silhouette.


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Vintage street style

photo from a 1944 issue of Life Magazine, a kind of look at girls passing the intersection of Hollywood and Vine, in Los Angeles I love her hair and her dress! The whole outfit is smashing!

the stunning Gene Tierney in real 40s glamour Classic Hollywood Stars. Vintage style.

Gene Tierney- gorgeous fashion She was the star of the movie, 'Laura' .a haunting movie and beautiful music. Comments: looks wealthy big hat with feather somewhat fancy a little bit of fur gloves that go mid for arm


With the war in Europe over, fashion raised its beautiful head, and hemlines. Three British models stride out to show off their clothes, which was strictly export only.July By Remi.


Saturday’s inspiration: fashion flashback in NY ♥

Delma Byron standing in Rockefeller Center from series on beautiful girls in New York.

Teenage Boys in the 1950s

Teens, Teenage boys wearing the style they are most accustomed to throughout the United States; Jeans, leather boots (shoes are acceptable) and button up shirt with carefully rolled sleeves (a tee shirt may be worn under this or by itself).

vintage beach ladies

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