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So give Naruto a crazy pierced guy, a bleeding eye crazy avenger, and a furry fox demon. He can take them no problem, but give him an angry Sakura and.

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💗Boruto Uzumaki y Sarada Uchiha cospley

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Anime/manga: Naruto (Shippuden) Characters: Naruto and Sai I'll get in trouble for saying this but. I to someone like me girls.

Kalo Itachi-nya gini gimana? :D Btw filler yang gulungan ninja Jiraiya tinggal 1 episode lagi ya? Selanjutnya dilanjut episode tentang Itachi ama Shisui. Bener gak sih?  Chara: Itachi Uchiha {Naruto Shippuden}  About Cosplayer: Name: SYO (SEUNGHYO) Country: South Korea Birthday: 01/17 Twitter: https://twitter.com/ovoS_H Facebook: http://ift.tt/1OtWrNG Mail: wsxwsx0151@naver.com  #cosplay #cosplays #cosplaygirl #cosplayboy #otaku #anime #animecosplay #manga #mangacosplay #game #gamecosplay…

:D Btw filler yang gulungan ninja Jiraiya tinggal 1 episode lagi ya? Chara: Itachi Uchiha Naruto Shippuden About Cosplayer: Name: SYO (SEUNGHYO) Countr

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Hey I'm Sakura! My brother is Natsu! Yes were related don't push it! I love to smell cherry blossems! I'm 16 and taken by the one and only Sasuke uchiha! My daughter is Sarada!