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DWTS 2013

Steven Tyler at week 2 showing support for

Sam Reece (@SamReece) | Twitter

Sam Reece (@SamReece) | Twitter

Dylan and Tyler H:

Teen Wolf Stiles and Derek, Sterek. The only time that I ever broke on set was when we were both paralyzed in the Sheriff Station. (I LOVE these boys!


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Because everybody knows the after-parties are where all the real action is.


Oh, these two are going to be entertaining this season. Lol - Teen Wolf - Malia (Shelley Hennig) Stiles (Dylan O'Brien)>> why do I think about the sharks in Finding Nemo when she says humans are not food but friends

👍 it's good to see you!

tumblr_ouanauFlz11u242soo3_r1_400.gif (268×268)

tumblr_ouanauFlz11u242soo3_r1_400.gif (268×268)