cute planter repurposed from an old sifter, trying to look past the original purpose of the object....

Succulents in a flour sifter! Adorable plants in adorable containers. I DO have a vintage flour sifter.

Repurposed silver.  Love.

Creative Flower Pots: Succulents in Ice Cream Dishes Ice cream dishes, from a collection of vintage hotel silver, proffer tiny succulents, a sweet alternative to the typical centerpiece when grouped together.

23 Clever Planter Ideas From The Most Unlikely Items • Grillo Designs

23 Repurposed Planter Ideas For Your Home & Garden

How to make easy succulent planters using rotted tree trunks and a small diy birdbath. Sheet moss is the secret ingredient to make it all come together.

fun succulent arrangement in a repurposed vintage coffee pot

20 Succulent Planters You’ll LoveI LOVE succulents! In the plant world you could consider them as exotic beauties… Unique, colorful and dazzling.I decided to share some of my favorite planters.

Wonderful idea for succulents. Create a picture frame planter. Ask Diane for details at Down to Earth Greenhouse.

Make a Living Succulent Picture

Love this

Garden design ideas using low-water, firewise succulent plants by book author Debra Lee Baldwin. Love the container


32 Reasons Succulents Are The Best Plants Ever

I must try a few more of these, bringing in my tender succulents 32 reasons succulents are the best plants ever. I LOVE SUCCULENTs!

Terrariums are a fun project  to create. All you need is an interesting glass  container with or without a lid, some pebbles or gravel, 1-5 petite plants or succulents, moss or sand and potting soil.

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