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Dudes with guns; better than dudes with swords - General ...

Afrocentric HandCrafted Wire Earrings Afro by MommysChocolateChip, $25.00

Charlie Barker, photographed by Ben Hopper for his "Natural Beauty" series: “Although armpit hair is a natural state it has become a statement. Why is that? For almost a century we have been brainwashed by the beauty industry, encouraging hair removal. ‘Natural Beauty’ could be classified as a type of protest. By creating a contrast between common “fashionable” female beauty and the raw unconventional look of female armpit hair, thoughts are intrigued and a discussion is made.”

Fotos de mujeres sin depilar: Fotógrafo desafía los estándares de belleza | ZAYRA MO

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Striking Photos Aim To Redefine 'Natural' Female Beauty - First the pants that make women look like they have no butt and now...

Leonce Raphael Agbodjelou, Untitled (Musclemen series), 2012

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