my kind of place...

notice that the sign says "nice People" and "good country music".today it should read "a bunch of rednecks getting down to commericalized pop that record producers and executives pass off as country music! Damn I miss real Country Music!


Stopped buying CD's and went back to Vinyl. Love hearing the static sound when the needle goes on the record.

“It is a human defect--to try to know one's self by the self of another.”   ― Robert Penn Warren

A lot of hipster style revolves around a very vintage focus. They implement a lot of popular things from past decades and bring them back to popularity, putting a fresh twist on old things.

vintage, car, and milkshake image

Happy Hour Photos) The bell rings, the whistle blows, it's 5 o'clock somewhere. Time to loosen the tie, grab an icy cold one or adult beverage on th.