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Free Motion Quilting - Waiting for this to go on sale. I like the way the rows merge. There is a skinnier and a fatter loop but this one is perfect especially for sashings

Straight Line Quilting patterns - Veni Vidi Vicky

straight line quilting patterns

Let me start with a confession: I’m afraid of free motion quilting and I feel lost without my walking foot! The sheer thought of having to guide the fabric sandwich all.myself ruins the ex… Straight Line Quilting Ideas!

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Nice free-motion quilting tutorial for spirals, flowers with spirals and more. Rounded flower with spiral center machine quilting design Source: Quiltsocial

quilting with walking foot - Google Search

quilting with walking foot - Google Search

free motion quilting

Machine quilting designs that allow you to use free motion machine quilting is perfect for simply quilting a quilt without marking or using a template;