love the short sleeve overdress. Make underdress out of jersey, overdress out of fleece/light wool?

Here are a few educational links to the primary research, inspired by this image: http://urd.priv.no/viking/smokkr.html, http://www.darkcompany.ca/beads/beads.php, http://www.medieval-baltic.us/vikbuckle.html,http://medieval-baltic.us/bau-loops.pdf

Very first viking clothes and embroidery handmade by Linda Marie - posted on…

How very interesting - different color of cloth for the center front panel in a fitted apron dress - would be slimming I bet

Have a look to my Celtic/Viking jewels! Another two-tone apron dress, gotta find some documentation for this as it looks lovely.


Savelyeva Ekaterina - Viking apron dress with overcoat. Beautiful colors and use of fabric.

A better view of the Perniö reconstruction. It's my favorite Finnish reconstruction by far, so I was rather disappointed to hear that many of the pretty details have no basis in actual archaeological findings. The gold bronze-spiral flowers on the mantle, at least, are real, so at least I have that.

"recreation of an ancient dress of Perniö, Finland, based on grave findings, viking age"