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Wayne's WORLD

Love these lil' Wayne and mini-Garth costumes! I'm totally doing this to my kids haha l" I love Wayne's world !

Never a Le-who Ze-her when dressing as ACE! - Halloween Costume Contest

Ace Ventura - Halloween Costume Contest at Costume-Works.com

Who doesn't remember Ace Ventura Pet Detective played by Jim Carrey! This movie is a few decades old but one of those classic movies that everyone remembers! This would be a super easy costume for guys to put together.

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Wayne and Garth From Wayne's World

12 Bomb Dot Com Halloween Costumes For Couples

There are a lot of Halloween costume options out there, but one of my personal favorites is doing something that is culturally relevant. You know, a costume that is based on something that happened in the last few months that shows people that you are *cool* and *trendy* and you always know what’s going on in Hollywood and also the news and also social media. Sure, throwback pop culture costumes are fun, but doing something more recent can sometimes be even more fun.

21 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes That Could Only Work In 2016

Napoleon Dynamite costumes for a family of 5 on Halloween. Heck yes, flipping sweet win!

Homemade Costumes for Families - this website has tons of DIY costume ideas! OMG I love the Napoleon Dynamite costumes!

Children imitating famous movie characters

Children imitating famous movie characters

These are some bad ass costumes for kids. LOVE the joker. I think that kid is in character. I'm pretty sure I'll have kids mostly just to dress them up for Halloween.


Wayne’s World, Party Time, Excellent! I love wayne's world, and have a blond and brunett child! Why didn't I think of this! NEXT HALLOWEEN!

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Lots of inspiration, diy & makeup tutorials and all accessories you need to create your own DIY Grinch Costume for Halloween.