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Fruit Tree Tour: The Wilson Garden - Valley Permaculture Alliance

Path to Self Sufficiency: Designing a Pond - The Permaculture Way

Today I'm going to start taking you through the permaculture design process of a pond.

Doing the side of the house like this with a walkway in it,back  to the fence

A beautiful garden! Deep curved flower beds, I would have a curved pathway running through

Forest Gardening: Establishing the Ground Layer - Permaculture - MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Forest Gardening: Establishing the Ground Layer - Permaculture

Maddy Harland explains how to make light work of establishing the ground layer in a forest garden, create a wildlife habitat and control pests all at the same time.

Resultado de imagem para desenhos de sistemas agroflorestais

Permaculture Guilds: The Basics ~ A permaculture guild is the intentional grouping of plants to create a community or ecosystem. This creates relationships between the plants and helps boost the resiliency of the system.

The author’s recently planted edible forest garden, still in the early stages of growth.

Plant an Edible Forest Garden - Organic Gardening

Plant an edible forest garden. Make your garden more productive by exploring forest gardening. You can learn how to mimic a natural forest, and create a productive fusion of garden, orchard and woodland.

Permaculture! #verticalfarming

Permaculture! #verticalfarming