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Flying around on jetpacks

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Here is a low poly high quality model of a concept space shuttle . Blender model and cycles render . Model in detail with 360 animation ,[link] Concept Space Shuttle

Science fiction has always been a way to look into the potential and varied futures of the human race. In 1941, the word "robotics" was first penned by writer Isaac Asimov. Over 70 years later, Asimov's once fictional idea embodies a multibillion dollar industry. What began as the musings of writers on the future of technology, science, and mankind, have become the bleeding-edge of technological development.

Science fiction imagines the future. This infographic from Glow New Media brings together 50 years of SciFi in movies and shows us how our imagination leads us into the future of computer interface design.

1955,  Von Braun space station from Disney film "Man in Space"

Von Braun space station from Disney film "Man in Space". Von Braun and Disney started a media campaign in the to convince the americans their taxes were well invested in the space race.


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