WWII era illustration by Norman Rockwell satirizing the passion of polarized political opinions in a free country. The husband's right because he's yelling the loudest. She was right because Truman won! That election was a squeaker.

"Dewey v Truman" "The Great Debate" "The Obvious Choice" by Norman Rockwell for The Saturday Evening Post, cover (info verified)

Feminist pinup woman! Vintage!

Art by Arthur Sarnoff. -LOL art funny cute female Awesome vintage cartoon nice retro girly Poster comics feminism pinup sandwich We can do it welding girls are better. - Board "Beauty-Women at Work".

Как создавались рисунки Нормана Рокуэлла

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Norman Rockwell, A family Tree

Have always loved this painting by Norman Rockwell- Family Tree-- I love how a pirate is at the roots.also a link here to how to make different types of family trees.