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I love theses 50s housewife pictures, but they always  look way way way to happy while cleaning lol

Fall Housecleaning Days of a Sparkling Vintage Fall, Day


My Home magazine - March 1947

Decadent Housewife...fun and flirty secrets to keep him wrapped around your little finger.  lol.

The Hardcover of the The Decadent Housewife: Fun and Flirty Secrets to Keep Him Wrapped around Your Little Finger by Rosemary Counter at Barnes & Noble

"How to Keep Him Happy" ~ After the wedding excitement wears down, a newlywed wife needs to learn a few new tricks to keep the love alive!

is to keep the broom handy in case she needs it; all the while referring to her HOW TO MAKE HIM HAPPY book

Como organizar a rotina de limpeza da casa

the cheerful woman cleans

Why don’t you…simplify your life by getting rid of the clutter surrounding you?  Why don’t you…streamline your wardrobe into 10 perfect items? Why don’t you…use this “Get To Work Book” to organize your crazy schedule and work on your goals?  Why don’t you…create this living tablescape on your dining room table? With proper watering it …

Page 4 of the 1952 Electrolux Vacuum Users Manual

A lighthearted look back at how advertisers portrayed the sunny days of yesteryear, when a woman's home was her castle -- and her kitchen was the heart of that home

How to be a perfect fifties housewife: In the kitchen

How to be a perfect fifties housewife: In the kitchen - Click Americana

A needed manual for Lady Macbeth. She better learn to be a better housewife and hostess if she is to host the king at Inverness.

Things are Very different form how there were in the But we can all learn a little for reading about being a Good Housewife in the .

My Home magazine from April 1946

step ladders & step stools ---My Home magazine from April 1946

This might be a controversial topic, but I really hope it’s not. I hope you can see my heart’s thoughts on the matter. It’s been on my mind a lot lately and I have been reading some blogs about the old fashioned housewife. I long for the days when an old fashioned housewife wasRead more

Old Fashioned Housewife In Real Life

How can you be an old fashioned housewife in real life? Hiw can you take the values of the housewife and apply them to modern times.

publicidad machista

20 Retro Ads Full Of Ridiculously Funny Sexism

a mulher cozinha, o homem conserta

British home makers

I just recently learned that you used to have to cook starch for your clothes.

Starch the hard way?

Middle-class housewife rinsing out her "delicates" - USA, 1950s

Vintage Housewives – 32 Lovely Photos Show Young Women Working Housework in the

COSTUMES- Christine's more casual dress, without the apron. She would wear it when there is not much company at the house.

Rationing and chores... How Fifties woman was so much healthier than us

Homemaker-Wearing a dress and heels and makeup. To sweep.

In the 1950s, it was common for the wife to keep her house exceedingly tidy and well-managed. If you run a search on the internet for how they did it, you will find a list that outlines a typical 1...

A Real Daily Cleaning Routine, authentic and true.