A dishwasher full of Harlequin dishes!

Roger Wilkerson, The Suburban Legend! : Photo

I think it used to be more fun to unload the dishwasher! Roger Wilkerson, The Suburban Legend. Fiestaware could change my life!

Emptying the Dishwasher... in a yellow and blue half-apron! ~<>~ (vintage, yesteryear, women)

Vintage Happy Housewife practicing her balancing act.

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vintage fridge ad with a cowboy

Lavadora de los 60. La abuelita la ponía en medio de la cocina, y cuando funcionaba iba moviéndose, hasta llegar a la pared. Si la hubiera dejado en su sitio, probablemente habrían saltado las baldosas... Y al fin y al cabo, la lavadora solamente movía la ropa con el jabón, enjuagarla se tenía que hacer a  mano...

Hey, look at my Thor washing machine! Vintage Happy Housewife showing off.

Who wears the apron?  vintage illustration of a very happy housewife!

Who wears the apron? vintage illustration of a very happy housewife!

Fifties Christmas baking with mum

Fifties Christmas baking with mum.I have the silver coffee pot.just need a new cord

Woman's Day-Feb 1952 | by File Photo Digital Archive

Woman's Day-Feb 1952 | by File Photo Digital Archive

rogerwilkerson:Laundry Day

rogerwilkerson: “ Laundry Day ” Not sure if this counts as an “interior” necessarily, but look at that washing machine!

Roger Wilkerson, The Suburban Legend.: Photo

Love the kitchen layout and colors

1948 Kitchen

The well-stocked and fastidiously organized refrigerator.

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Mid-century housewife ucking away leftovers.

Vintage Sarcasm by Assie

Vintage Sarcasm by Assie

last minute cleaning

Me anytime people are coming to my house

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The Perky Housewife - Floor wax ad.

I just love preparing hot, delicious meals for my family.  It's ok if they never let me leave the kitchen. Heels and apron.

My mom's stove looked like this.

"How to Keep Him Happy" ~ After the wedding excitement wears down, a newlywed wife needs to learn a few new tricks to keep the love alive!

is to keep the broom handy in case she needs it; all the while referring to her HOW TO MAKE HIM HAPPY book