Hahaha so me

as a girl, seeing a guy try to lift what I do fully satisies my humor bone

Don't be this guy. bahahahaha

They're the same ones who brag about their gains in the locker room, but leave you standing there scratching your head thinking, "WTF? What gains are you talking about dude?

"Sometimes I wonder why my friends don't even lift."my life :( no gym buddy.

None of my business ....

Your foundation doesn't match your skin. But that's none of my business. - The thoughts of Kermit the frog

How about people encourage the newbies - it takes a lot of courage to walk into a gym full of gym rats who forget what it was like to begin!

Rocky III

Ugh, this only bothers me bc I work at a gym & have to deal w/ more mess than usual this time of year that's approaching.